Art Shop is a collective of individual, local artists who share gallery space and share the responsibilities of retail operations. As a cooperative gallery, Art Shop runs entirely on the volunteer efforts of our artist members. (In this case, volunteer is a nice way of saying unpaid.)

To keep the doors open:
  • Artists staff the Shop a limited number of shifts per month
  • Staffing hours are equitably distributed among current members
    • Artists meet quarterly to discuss business matters & plan events
    To keep the lights on:
    • Each artist pays dues, currently $5/month
    • Art Shop sales are subject to a 20% commission, donated to OCAC
    To keep it legit:
    • OCAC files sales tax with the state
    • Artists receive IRS 1099 forms from OCAC at the end of the year

    Membership applications are accepted on an ongoing basis

    To apply for membership, send an email to
    Include the following:
    • Your name & contact information
    • A brief description of your work, including dimensions of 2-D pieces and/or size of 3-D pieces
    • 5 images representative of the work you wish to market at Art Shop
    Upon review of your application, we will contact you to arrange an informational interview with current Art Shop members.

    Not technologically inclined? Pick up a membership application at Art Shop.